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How can counselling help?

How can counselling help you or your child?

I believe that the unique relationship that can be created between a counsellor and a client is one of the most fundamental elements of successful counselling. I work to build a safe space where I don’t judge, or try to ‘fix’ your problems, but rather listen with attention, giving you support and time to explore your issues, thoughts and feelings.


Feeling understood, heard, and accepted just as you are can be incredibly empowering, and pave the way for real change and transformation. 

This doesn’t mean that I play a passive role in the counselling room, but instead of advice giving, I’m supporting you in finding your own solutions and answers – in a way that works for you. I may offer ways to work through certain feelings or support you to make more sense of why you are feeling the way you are, but I believe strongly that making true and lasting change comes when we can find our own answers, rather than asking for instruction from others. 

I may suggest different approaches depending on what you or your child hope to achieve from counselling. For example, for issues around anxiety and depression, CBT approaches (which look at the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour) can be very effective. However, rather than being prescriptive, I aim to guide you towards a greater self awareness, so that you have the tools to then move forward in a more positive way. 

If you would like more information on my counselling approaches or for any questions you may have, please contact me .

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